Beyond the Classroom

Secondary School

The curriculum we follow In the Middle and Secondary School years, prepares students to be independent thinker and to realise their full potential. The learners would experience the joy of learning, gain a deep understanding of significant concepts, develop research and experimental skills and learn to accept personal responsibility for actions, decision making based on the expected learning outcomes. AVM ensure different approaches to provide stress free, learner centred and holistic education to all children without compromising on quality. We are committed to develop innovative teaching, learning and assessment methods to achieve academic excellence in conformity with psychological, pedagogical and social principles. AVM promotes innovative pedagogy, with special focus on integrating art, sports, Dance, Music and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) with education, and use active and experiential learning methods in the classrooms.


We organize various Education Research, Training and Development programmes to update the professional competency of teachers and enable them to unleash their own unique capabilities and creativity in their classrooms. We promote education at the global level and constantly innovate the pedagogy of the school. Thus we believe that quality of education is in the hands of professional teachers.

Our goal is to gift your children the best days of their lives with the perfect blend of curriculum activities and academic training.


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